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THE (IN)VISIBLE ORGAN is a feature-length documentary about re-imaging perceptions of sexual and reproductive health through the cervix. The film is currently in production, to be released in September 2019.

Stills of The (In)visible Organ:

With 42 official backers, we have raised 104% of our initial funding goal in our Kickstarter Campaign! We are now in the second phase of fundraising, and need your support to push this documentary to the next level.


Your contribution will go directly towards funding the production team’s travel to Accra, Ghana, where we will collect more stories about issues in reproductive health. Help document this critical component to the Callascope’s story and expand the reach of the film to address inequities in healthcare at a global scale.

This documentary will include:

  1. ) In-depth interviews with engineers, artists, global health specialists, humanities scholars, and physicians about issues related to female reproductive health
  2. ) Voices of women and nonbinary people about their perceptions of reproductive anatomy, and reflections through the Callascope experience
  3. ) The process of curating an art exhibit inspired by the Calla device
  4. ) The history of the Our Bodies Our Selves movement and the history of modern gynecology
  5. ) Voices of Calla clinical collaborators and women in Durham, NC as well as Accra, Ghana

We have hosted a community screening of a 20-min cut of the The (In)visible Organ and heard back from our community the topics we want to explore next. What would you like addressed next in the film? Comment below!

Read more about this project:

Capturing the Stories of GWHT through Digital Storytelling

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