The Story Behind Our Logo

The Artist

Jenny Eggleston

 Our wonderful Calla logo was inspired by the work of North Carolina artist Jenny Eggleston.

Jenny is a visual artist, poet, and teacher. Her work is often inspired by nature–and its many forms and feminisms–to create mindscapes that are emotive, sensual, sometimes disturbing, and quirky. Jenny often titles her works with poems, moving between the expressions in a separate but co-creative act.

Her recent work responds to concrete scenes of shame, silencing, and taboo, with a surreal and unafraid imagination. She is an advocate for reproductive justice, full dismantling of rape culture, and equitable health care for all. Jenny Eggleston has exhibited throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Her work has been shown at the Weatherspoon Art Museum in Greensboro, the Muscarelle Museum of Art in Williamsburg, and most recently at the Rubenstein Arts Center at Duke University. She is the owner of Egg in Nest Art Studio, a private art studio providing instruction in drawing, painting, and art appreciation. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the College of William and Mary, and her graduate studies were at Virginia Commonwealth University. She also studied abroad through the University of Georgia.

Contact information for Jenny Eggleston:

919 632-1983

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